Video: Asian Americans Should #WalkAway - Why I'm EXHAUSTED With the Left

I'm liberal, but I no longer consider myself a liberal in today's sense. A lot of my frustration with the left is summarized by the following quote by economist Thomas Sowell: "It's the idea that you don't have to check a good sounding idea against what actually happens." I find that it's a sense of moral self-righteousness that has allowed liberals to not challenge their own ideas and remain complacent in their beliefs; it's pure intellectual laziness, and I'm tired of it. Sorry about the camera quality - I do want to make more videos potentially about current events and some personal stories, and if I decide to I'll definitely upload in higher quality. Thanks for tuning in.

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Note: Two other Asian Americans have posted great videos which inspired me to share my own experience. Their names and channels are below.

Zach Hing:
Andrew An:




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