Video: America's Frontline Doctors Summit- Session 2

Editor's Note:  This video was almost immediately deleted from Google's YouTube.  The America's Frontline Doctors web site has also been removed.  I was able to find another copy on the Bitchute platform but who knows how long it will stay there?  These doctors are being MASSIVELY CENSORED and a huge effort to discredit them is well underway.  THE GLOBALIST DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THERE IS A CURE.  They want everyone to think they have to line up to get an F'd up vaccine before life will return to any semblance of normalcy.

LIVE from the steps of the US Supreme Court. America’s Frontline Doctors - Physicians from around the country address the American people about Covid-19 and the FACT that we have had a very safe, effective and inexpensive CURE for the so-called COVID-19 illness from the very beginning called hydroxychloroquine, used in conjunction with Zinc that's been deliberately suppressed and falsely reported on to scare people away from considering it in favor of pushing a forthcoming DNA altering vaccine.  Big Pharma has also made sure hydroxychloroquine is hard to get and in short supply in the U.S. 

Hydroxychloroquine as been studied for well over 50 years, been prescribed for millions of people, and proven to be one of the safest and most useful drugs available.   It is extremely effective against preventing and curing viral infections INCLUDING THE current coronavirus they claim is sweeping the planet.

The frontline doctors at this Summit explain exactly what hydroxychloroquine is and how it works to cure what's being called COVID-19 illness.  In addition, they explain exactly how we've all been deliberately misinformed about this cure to make everyone believe we cannot go back to any semblance of normal life UNTIL EVERYONE GETS A DNA ALTERING VACCINE!


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