Wouldn't Be Better To Just Refuse To Vote Altogether? Boycott the Whole Process?

The argument of boycotting the election process sounds compelling only because those proposing it always leave out one BIG issue.   There are a lot of people who think the government is running just fine.  I guarantee you that they will all show up to vote.

I think the best way to look at this question is to imagine the consequences IF you were successful in convincing a lot of people to refuse to participate.  You'd be darn lucky to get 70% of the voters to go along with you, which would leave 30% of the voters who will show up to vote.  So the net result of your grand plan would be that you just let a smaller than usual handful of people reelect all the exact same scum bags and NOTHING will change.

If however we do what the KTAO project is proposing and we manage to get 70% of the voters to vote for the incumbent's strongest challengers, we would be successful removing every one we possibly can.  70% beats 30% any way you slice it.  Even with vote tampering.   Tampering cannot stop that kind of turnout.  

So 70% refuse to vote.  Nothing changes.   70% votes the strategic way we're proposing, everything changes.

Taking no action has never solved anything.  By doing nothing you just make it even easier for those in control to continue doing exactly what they are doing.


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