Political Atheist Inside

We Won't Be Able To Kick Them All Out Until We Adopt A Revolutionay Dispassionate And Objective View Of The Political Process.

The definition of atheist is usually confined to someone who doesn't believe in God, someonw who doesn't believe there is an all-powerful unseen Being that created the entire universe and who watches over us.  An atheist is someone who isn't someone without faith.  An atheist is just someone who doesn't have any confidence in basing perception and understanding of the world around us on nothing but strongly-held "beliefs."

Emilio Gentile, an internationally renowned authority on fascism and totalitarianism wrote a book entitled "Politics As Religion," and in it he argues that politics over the past two centuries has often taken on the features of religion, claiming as its own the prerogative of defining the fundamental purpose and meaning of human life. Secular political entities such as the nation, the state, race, class, and the party became the focus of myths, rituals, and commandments and gradually became objects of faith, loyalty, and reverence.

Gentile examines this "sacralization of politics," as he defines it, both historically and theoretically, seeking to identify the different ways in which political regimes as diverse as fascism, communism, and liberal democracy have ultimately depended, like religions, on faith, myths, rites, and symbols.

Here's the Dilima . . .

It's very difficult for many to adopt a dispassionate political perspective because they have strongly-held political beliefs which are very similar in character to strongly-held religious beliefs.  Strongly-help political identity is very similar to strongly-held religious identity.

These belief form a second part of the problem.  They form a strongly-held political "identity"  which is very similar to religious identities.  Someone who is a devout Catholic is not going to even consider questioning whether or not they should be Catholic.  A huge part of who they see themselves as being is "Catholic."  Same with someone who identifies as being a devout Muslim.  Same with someone who identifies as being a Republican for Democrat.

Voter Demographics


Voters Becoming Independent

The great good news is many of us have already divorced ourselves from these idiotic political identities.  According to Pew Research, 32% of voters identify as Democrats, 23% identify as Republicans and 39% identify as Independents. This is the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling!

We Must Adopt A Dispassionate Attitude


This is arguably the most difficult attitude for most of us to embrace because many simply do not understand "it makes no difference who we elect at this point."

How do we know it makes no difference who we elect?

Simple.  Is there any evidence that it does?  Every single election cycle most every incumbent wins reelection.  The seats that do turn over are filled by people who just end up being indoctrinated by all those corrupt career politicians and lobbyists that make sure the new people that just got elected won't be able to do anything to disrupt business as usual.






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