FREE Video Library: Police State/Big Brother

  • Big Tech’s Coup D’etat on Americans — Facebooks Sickening Plans Revealed!
    ALERT! There Is a Coup D’etat on Americans! And You Won’t Believe Who Started It!
  • End Warrantless Deep State Spying: Don't Renew 702
    It's time to rein in warrantless domestic surveillance before it's too late.
  • Big Brother - Big Picture
    If you really want to know what's going on around you, why it's going on and who's really orchestrating it, without having to do the mountains and years of research necessary to connect all the dots, here your chance.  In just 3 short hours, David Icke shares his 20 years of research, connecting the dots for you.  YOU NEED TO SEE THIS PRESENTATION.
  • NAZIS - A Warming From History
    Arguably one of the most important documentary series ever made, The Nazis: A Warning from History sets out to show that, far from being a uniquely German aberration, Nazism fed upon and was fostered by the prejudices and lemming-like inclinations of ordinary people. Although culminating with many atrocities, these programmes are equally good on the motives of otherwise perfectly normal people, who needed only the tacit encouragement of the regime to perpetrate horrors against their enemies, their neighbours, or their own family.

Short Videos

  • George Orwell - A Final Warning
    This is a terribly disturbing warning and a very simple solution at the end. Very short video that describes exactly what globalization/globalists have been working towards . . . .
  • Judge Napalitano Asks Serious Questions
    The following 5-Minute Speech that Got Napolitano Fired from Fox News is one that should not only be forwarded and shared with every single man, woman and child in this country, but taught and expounded upon in every social studies, civics and government class from first grade through college.
  • Big Data, AI and Mass Surveillance
    This short video highlights the reality of the vast amounts of data being collected and how it all can and is being used to control all of us.
  • ABC News on the Real ID National ID Card
    This is a recent ABC news clip that highlights the government plans to force us to accept a national ID card with RFID tracking chip in it whether we want it or not.
  • The Militarization of our Local Police and Black SUV Assault Vehicles
    The government has allowed the military industrial complex to militarize our local police forces to an alarming degree.  You need to watch these short videos to see just how insane things have gotten.


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