People Are Sheep. How Can You Hope To Get Them To Do Anything?

This is really quite a bleak view of our fellow man isn’t it? I think people are sheepish simply because it’s our basic nature to be kind, gentle, easy-going, and inherently cooperative. People are overly sheepish for many reasons, most of which are out of the average person’s control. If we accept that being sheepish is some horrible condition that renders the average person incapable of doing anything, incapable of standing up when the time comes, I think we are cutting ourselves very short. I mean what kind of society do we really want? Do we want a society filled only with predatory types, winner takes all, survival of the fittest? When you look at what our society has turned into, we have allowed this predatory attitude to dominate just about everything.

I think we need to consider the possibility that we have been conditioned to feel that being ‘sheepish’ is a bad thing and a hopeless condition by the very same people that have conditioned us to accept all their other perverted versions of reality. I mean think about it. What the heck is wrong with being sheepish? To me it just means the bulk of us are kind, gentle, easy going, and inherently cooperative. The people turning this world into an evil cesspool are predatory by nature. They are the only ones that see decent human nature as undesirable and a weakness. And they are the ones that have conned us into feeling there’s something wrong with being accommodating and gentle. I don’t’ know about you but I’d much prefer living in a world made up of sheeple, people that are content to live and let live, people that can actually coexists without feeling compelled to dominate and exploit everyone else.

In reality, the only major downside to being sheepish is you can be easily taken advantage of simply because of your decent, kind-hearted nature. The good news is that is easily remedied by simply become better informed about what the predators are doing and how they do it. Good people don’t have to become predatory themselves to effectively defend themselves. Sticking to the whole sheep analogy, all we need are enough trusted sheep dogs to watch our backs. That is what our Congress is supposed to be made up of.

Right now we have the Congress filled with predators. Our representatives are supposed to be sheep dogs protecting our backs. Why do we keep hiring predators and act surprised when they don’t protect us? The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing ploy has duped us for so long I think we should all be unbearably embarrassed by now for still falling for it.

The other so-called negative aspect of being sheepish is that the bulk of us just do whatever we’re told. Well, again, this perception is based in a natural tendency we have to trust each other and be cooperative. Decent people naturally think that most of us are fundamentally good hearted. That’s just a natural way to think for most of us. Even if people do bad things from time to time most of us are willing to allow for the flaws in human nature. The only real mistake we make is to consider that there are people that are not good hearted at all. It’s a sad fact that some people are psychopathic and literally do not have a moral compass or conscience. These are the pure predators that are in charge of most everything these days.

So we need to cut each other a little slack. Most of us go along with things primarily because we are overwhelmed with day-to-day life, the demands of just making ends meet. Because of this, most people are inclined to plop down to watch a ball game or soap opera just to relax and find some kind of enjoyment out of life. Not that many of us can afford enough free time to plunge into a battle against the predators. Not many can muster the enthusiasm to invest the time and energy required to learn the truth about what’s really going on. But I don’t think it’s really necessary because everyone knows in their gut; it’s bad, real bad. So in reality people are not necessarily being sheep just because they choose willful ignorance. I see it as more of a defense mechanism in the face of the lives most of us have to live because of what the predators have done to this country. .

That being said, it’s time to admit that willful denial is about as effective at solving problems as any form of denial. It only appears to work. It does nothing to deal with the problem and in fact, only encourages the problems to grow and fester. So the real challenge we have is to start facing reality with courage and figure out a ‘doable’ realistic way we can all participate and fight back considering what we are able to do with the limited time and enthusiasm we can muster within our challenging lives.

So as far as I’m concerned, if you find yourself falling into the “people are sheep so it’s hopeless” camp, consider that you’re playing right into the hands of the wolves. This is what they want you to believe. We have to stop buying into this whole notion that being kind and decent is a weakness. And we have to stop buying into the notion that the masses are stupid. Most of the people I know are not stupid. They are just overwhelmed with life. The truth of the matter is, we just have to stop elevating the predatory values we’ve been conned into accepting as the way things should be and start demanding that basic human decency should rule the day from now on.

Not too long ago I could easily have been classified one of the sheep. I had virtually no understanding of politics or what was truly going on around me. But this little sheep was given a documentary that opened my eyes. I’ve since realized that yes, I’m a sheep, but I’m also a RAM and a Sheep Dog. I know many people who are sheep and are discovering the RAM and Sheep Dog nature as well. All it takes is for each of us to talk to each other and hold each other to a higher standard. We have to stop worrying so much about our petty little comfort zones and ask more of each other. Stop encouraging the fear and weaknesses the predators are constantly agitating with all their fear mongering. We need to push each other to become a little more informed.

So, to directly answer the question, I don’t think we need to overcome the fact that most of us are sheepish. It’s not something we want to do away with. We just have to be realistic about what that means and act accordingly. Stop cutting everyone short, including yourself because it’s not a negative quality. By successfully organizing all us sheep, we can form a stampede so powerful no wolves will survive the onslaught not matter how cunning they may think they are. There are many more of us sheep than there are wolves.

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