If We Elect All New People, We Won't Know Anything About Them.

Yes, this is true. But this fear is really pretty hollow. If you think about it, how much do you know about the people in the Congress now? For that matter, how much do you really know about most of the people that are directly in your life? Most of the people in our lives are merely acquaintances. Our politicians aren't even that. Most of us have never even met them face to face. We may recognize their face, their names, but most of us have no idea what kind of person they are or even what their voting record is.

It seems as though we have been socially conditioned to associate familiarity with a sense that we know someone. It's just not true. I don't think most people would think they really 'know' someone they have very little personal interaction with, so why do we do it with politicians? I'm sure you have heard stories about what our politicians are 'really' like when the cameras are off. The bottom line is there really is no way to truly know what a person's character is going to be until we see what their actions are. We know that the people currently in office have made it abundantly clear that we can't trust them. Virtually all of them are aggressively engaged in selling us out as fast as they can, destroying this country and stripping us of our liberties and freedoms.


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