Won’t It Be Too Disruptive To The Operation of Our Government If We Do This?

The quick answer is no. Since our government is run more like a mob operation, an institution of pure corporate cronyism than “The People’s House,” that it’s supposed to be, we will simply be stopping the bulk of criminal activity. Being worried about disrupting the smooth operation of our government is literally like saying it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop the smooth operation of the God Father’s criminal activities.

The fact of the matter is, most of what goes on in our Congress has nothing to do with taking care of the people’s business. Most all of our representatives time is taken up with legislation and regulations that only serves to advance powerful private interests or activities that will get them reelected. The so-called smooth operation of our government you’re worried about is mostly destroying this country as fast as it possibly can. If you want proof of this, check out the stories on the web site about the North American Union we are being dissolved into. Very few politicians are saying one word about it and like every other act that destroys more of our liberties and freedoms; they are just letting it happen.

Most people just don't realize the Federal government is not supposed to have its fingers in everything. Its roll is supposed to be very limited with most power residing on the state level of government. What has happened is that powerful, private corporate and special interest groups have taken over government and are using its powers to invade and control every area of our lives. The real problem is we have just been conned into believing that the Federal Government is supposed to be involved in our lives from cradle to grave. It's hogwash. It's just another successful ad campaign by those with the most wealth and power.


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