If We Don't Support Incumbents Our Party Can't Win Control Of Congress?

This is a big one . . . perhaps the biggest one because we have been totally conned into believing the whole point of elections is to decide which party controls the Congress. If you are someone with a strong political party allegiance, the criteria you probably use to decide who your candidate will be is almost entirely determined by your perception of whether or not you think they can beat the opposing party candidate. Name recognition, looks, their ability to appear “electable” is usually the values applied by those with strong party feelings in deciding whom they will endorse for political office. A huge number of people can’t get past this one.

In order to do it, you have to be willing to step outside of the box for a moment. You have to take a step back and consider that perhaps those in control of our government and election process have purposely overemphasized party politics because it’s what they need you to believe in order for them to control the outcome much more easily. I ask you to consider that the people running both major political parties are doing the bidding of the same people our politicians really work for. Ask yourselves “what if” the heads of both main parties are completely aware that it’s all a performance and “what if” they are employed to perpetuate the con? Would that really be so hard to imagine? I mean look at the entire industries that exists just to support the partisan game, the massive numbers of political party strategists, the pollsters, the talking heads, the advisors, the pundits, the authors . . . it goes on and one. There’s a lot of money being made keeping this game going and plenty of incentive to make sure we keep buying into it. The people in control of our government are very savvy. They are masters at psychological manipulation. And they know that human beings have a deep-seated tribal instinct. They know the easiest way to control large numbers of people is to encourage them into tribal behavior.


If you look at the result, emphasizing party allegiance effectively herds huge numbers of people into large easily managed blocks that can be directed to act in a unified way. Tapping into this tribal instinct is very powerful. Once done, the political process looks more like a sporting event than a process that allows us to elect the best and brightest to represent us and look out for our own best interests. If you need proof of this, just compare a crowd at a major party convention to one at a football game. It’s pretty much the same thing going on. It’s all about the team. It’s only about winning at all costs.

So, if you are someone that has a very hard time giving up the notion that the whole point of elections to ensure your party controls Congress, or if you know of someone like this, you really need to simply ask a new question. Is this process creating the kind of government you want? If it is, then there’s not much more to be said. If it’s not, do you think it’s wise to just keep on doing the same old thing over and over until the life is sucked out of this nation entirely?

The good news is after this last election, many people are starting to see that it makes absolutely no difference which party controls the Congress, or the White House for that matter. Once the 110th Congress kicked off it was clear fairly quickly that nothing of substance was going to change. In fact, it seems the same agendas are being ramrodded through even faster. Happily people are finally seeing that our government more closely resembles a professional wresting association, where fake good guys and bad guys battle it out for the belt. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that after every election, it’s business as usual in government. Nothing of substance ever changes. What we need to GET is that this is by design. The people that control the election process stage an amazing simulation of democracy that feels like it’s real but doesn’t produces any of the nasty consequences, like an actual representative government.

But don’t loose heart all my friends who are addicted to partisan politics! This plan can still fulfill that craving, that need, that insatiable desire! Anyone who has a hard time with suspending the powerful desire for his or her team to win can still embrace this plan because it doesn’t interfere with that level of the game. The only thing you all have to do, Democrats, and Republicans alike, is to BOTH agree to refuse to vote for incumbents so both parties are on equal footing. This will only work if both teams relinquish their star players. If you guys can just do that, all you need to do is make sure you have plenty of other choices, you can still vote for which party you wish to control the Congress. The outcome will be exactly the same on that level. If more people in the general election vote for Democrats, Democrats will control the Congress. If more people vote for Republicans, Republicans will control it.

The only thing that really changes by following the Kick Them All Out Project Plan is we are adding a more fundamental point and goal, one that aims at accomplishing a purpose far more important than which party control the Congress. We are simply making it a dual-purpose process. It doesn’t eliminate the partisan level. It just adds a more fundamental level around which we can unify our voice, as a nation, to take back control of our own government by imposing our undeniable influence.

By all agreeing to do this plan, we will experience something previously unimaginable. We will experience that fact that we can unite and speak with one voice while at the same time expressing our partisan preferences – the ideal of unity with diversity. We will experience the true power of our vote to effect change in a way the world has never seen before.

So to those addicted to party politics, this will come down to an issue of trust. Can the Democrats and Republicans trust each to declare a moratorium on worrying about party politics so we all can focus this upcoming election on accomplishing a much higher purpose by refusing to support any incumbents? Can the Democrats and Republicans agree that we are in deep, deep trouble in this, that we do not have a representative government, or an election process that is capable of producing one? If you all can do that, there is great hope for this country. If not, I don’t’ think we are going to survive much longer. Democrats and Republicans have to take a big step back and ask the very serious question about whether continuing in this process the way we have all been conned into participating, is producing the kind of government we want or the kind of government that keeps things exactly the way they are?


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