Won't It Be Too Hard To Organize Enough People To Do It?

The short answer is no, it won't be too hard. 

This is an amazingly simple task. It doesn't require a massive organization to implement it. It's not a complex task like forming a new political party. All we need to do is convince all our friends and family to give this a try, just this once.  There is more than enough information on this site you can pass onto your friends, to inform them sufficiently about why this action is necessary and the best option for us to effect the kind of sweeping change we all know we need.

When you feel a task like this is just too huge, it highlights the way in which we've been socially conditioned to think about what's possible and what isn't possible. Many of us can't imagine doing anything on a large scale without some kind of massive bureaucratic structure and organization to facilitate it. In order to embrace how powerful and simple this plan is to organize and implement requires you to step outside the box. Once you do that, you will see that none of this is rocket science, that it simply requires us all to agree this is what we are going to do at the polls in the upcoming election. The best and fastest way to form a meaningful consensus on this action is for us all to simply talk to each other about it.

The task itself couldn't be easier. This plan doesn't require you to become a full time activist. You don't have to go to marches or protests (though I encourage you to do so if you can). All it really requires from each of us is to simply take this idea seriously and talk about it with friends and family. Just make a point of discussing it. Have the courage to point out that we need to do something more than just complain. Don't worry about invading people's petty little comfort zones. Even if people don't want to talk about it, just a mention here and there will plant the seeds for later, more open conversations. We just need to make this an issue, a topic for discussion as fast as we can. Once it's out in the open, you'll be amazed at how suddenly consensus can form when the time comes for action. When the time comes, it won't be some weird radically idea because everyone will at least have heard it spoken about.

This is exactly what those in control of our government do. They simply condition us over months and months with the ideas about what they want to do. In their case they have the benefit of controlling the mainstream media and use it to great advantage to relentlessly bombard us. When the time comes to actually do what they want to do, everyone has been fully prepped and it's not big deal at that point. We can do the same thing, we just need to talk to each other and use the internet, YouTube, Myspace, all the tools we have available to us for mass communications.

The problem is simple. The people representing us are not doing the job we hire them to do. They are not protecting our best interests and they are not honoring their oath to defend and protect the Constitution. The only tool we have to change that is our election process. Through that process we can fire them and hire new people. That's all we can do; hire and fire. We all know the only thing politicians fear is not being reelected, so we need to exercise the true power of our vote by proving we are able and willing to fire every last one of them to prove we are totally fed up and we're not going to put up with being sold out anymore. Until we prove that WE control who gets those jobs, we will not have any influence over our own government.

We don't need some huge organization. We just need everyone talking to each other, one to one. This is the beauty of this plan. It's practical and doable by absolutely everyone. It just requires a little serious conversation and to go to the polls in 2008 and DON'T VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENTS. It even has the potential to activate all those people who've never voted before because they don't feel their vote counts. You can encourage these people to participate for the first time and guarantee them THEIR VOTE WILL COUNT this time.


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