Former Intelligence Officers Find ‘Indisputable Evidence’ U.S. Intel Leaders Were Linked to British in Spygate Scandal


The Gateway Pundit investigative journalist Cassandra Fairbanks interviewed three former intelligence officers with knowledge of the corrupt – criminal activity of the Obama CIA.


The former officers told The Gateway Pundit:

Multiple former intelligence officers believe there is indisputable evidence that British Intelligence organizations—GCHQ and MI6 in particular—collaborated with the U.S. intelligence community to portray Donald Trump and his associates as pawns of the Russians.

According to one of the former intelligence officers who spoke to The Gateway Pundit, “this was a coup attempt without firearms; relying instead on manufactured intelligence designed to feed the meme that Trump surrogates were in contact with the Russians.”

The former intelligence officers agreed that the U.K.’s Joint Intelligence Committee was the venue used by the CIA and the DNI to share and receive “intelligence” allegedly linking Trump to Russia.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to the two former intelligence officers on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. We additionally spoke to Bill Binney, a former high level National Security Agency official-turned-whistleblower, who confirmed that he agrees with their conclusions.

The former intelligence officers believe that John Brennan and James Clapper used highly classified intelligence channels to create a trail of fake evidence linking Trump to Russia. Based on their years of experience in the intelligence community, including overseas operations, it appears highly likely that Joseph Mifsud was a MI6 asset and that his role within the British spy service was deliberately obscured to give the appearance of him working for Russia.

Multiple sources report that British intel agencies were involved actively in collecting information on Trump associates and their contacts with persons linked to Russia.

According to the Guardian:

“Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives. . .GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious ‘interactions’ between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added.”

The New York Times also confirmed, citing three former senior U.S. officials, that the United Kingdom was collecting intelligence on meetings in European cities between Russian officials — and others close to Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin — and associates of President-elect Trump. In addition, those same three officials confirmed that, “American intelligence agencies had intercepted communications of Russian officials, some of them within the Kremlin, discussing contacts with Trump associates.”

The former U.S. intelligence officers, who are familiar with the operations and activities of the JIC, noted that such exchanges of information are anything but “routine.” The CIA’s Chief of Station regularly meets with the JIC and serves as a conduit for communication between the CIA Director and the UK.  Generally, information derived from intercepted conversations or emails would be passed as SIGINT and normally would be classified as Top Secret compartmented intelligence.

The CIA’s London Chief of Station (COS) or their senior intelligence analyst posted to the London embassy would attend weekly JIC meetings, according to one of the sources. At time, the COS was Gina Haspel, who is now the director of the CIA.

These intel community insiders believe that the case of George Papadopoulos, a minor official named to the Trump foreign policy team on March 21, 2016, merits additional scrutiny because it shows evidence that Papadopoulos was targeted deliberately by U.K. intel operatives in a plot to trick him into communicating information about possible approaches to Russia via conversations with persons in the United States.

In the Statement of Offense filed against Papadopoulos by the U.S. Department of Justice, he is accused of lying about his contact with Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese diplomat who was a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Foundation. It was Mifsud, not Papadopoulos, who raised the prospect of meeting with the Russians and introduced the claim that Russian had damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos in turn relayed this information via emails and phone calls back to members of the Trump campaign.

Although the FBI claims that Papadopoulos’ emails were recovered via a lawfully obtained search warrant, there is no doubt that the information was already in the hands of the U.K. and the U.S. intelligence community. The documents leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013 show definitively that such conversations were intercepted and retained by both the GCHQ and the NSA. Obtaining material for prosecution from intelligence sources that will be allowed into a court proceeding is known as parallel construction.

What Ray McGovern and I were thinking is that the whole conspiracy about the Russian narrative was concocted by Brennan and then most likely approved by Obama. This is what I told Pompeo when I was in with him. It requires the NSA, CIA, FBI, DNI, DNC and the DOJ to be coordinating — especially for things like the Steele dossier. The only one place they all come together and can be ordered to coordinate and cooperate is the president — which was Obama. The DOJ doesn’t fall under the DNI or anybody else — only the president,” Binney told The Gateway Pundit.

All of these raises very serious questions that require answers.

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