This Will Never Work Because Elections Are Not That Simple.

I just love this one.  I primarily hear it form people that are steeped in the current political system, you know, the people that "know everything about how things work."  I always have to laugh because they are basically saying, we can't do this because unless we do what needs to be done within a system that we all know doesn't work, it won't work.  That's just like this absurd notion that we must voluntarily give up our liberties and freedoms so or beloved government can control every aspect of life in order to make sure the evil terrorists can't rob us of our liberties and freedoms.

This campaign will work precisely because it's a way to participate in our election process that is totally outside the "how it's supposed to work box."   As long as we participate in the elections the way "we are supposed to," we will never be able to stop what's happening.  We all know that game is rigged against us.  So why play a game that we all know is rigged?  We need to play the game in a way that isn't rigged if we hope to produce a different outcome.

This campaign will work simply because it ignores all the rules.  It provides a totally different reason for voting that has nothing to do with political parties or anything that we are told it has to do with.  This campaign shows everyone we can cast our votes in a unified fashion that has nothing to do with deciding which party controls the purse strings.  And it shows everyone that by casting our votes to vote against all incumbents, we can stage an event the likes of which the world has never seen.  We can FIRE CONGRESS with our votes if we cast them in this revolutionary way.
This election CAN BE THIS SIMPLE.  We don't have to play party politics.  We don't have to get all caught up in all the B.S.  We can simply go and make our will felt in the most undeniable way possible.  We can ruthlessly, mercilessly, vote out every incumbent.  We can.  I is that simple.   

If we do this just once, we will change the whole political ball game in a major, major way.  And the new freshman Congress with have to deal with something no Congress in history has ever had to deal with.  They will have the knowledge that WE just fired everyone that came before them.  They will know that the American people have snapped out of it and they are not going to put up with it anymore.


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