Conservatives Moving To Impeach Rosenstein Soon

Editor's Note:

Rosenstein is a career bureaucrat who knows full well he should have recused himself regarding the Mueller fiasco. After TWO YEARS OF THE RUSSIA COLLUSION GAS CLOUD HYSTERIA, most have completely lost sight of the fact that a Special Counsel is not someone who is supposed to be appointed unless there is clear evidence of a "CRIME" and when there is no confidence the DOJ can handle the investigation itself because of things like serious conflicts of interest.

In this case, the allegations supposedly justifying the appointment of a Special Counsel involved "COLLUSION", which 'IS NOT A CRIME", and a claim of obstruction of justice by Trump when he fired Comey. The allegation of obstruction was solely based on Comey's memos which Comey implied contained sufficient evidence to justify the appointment of a Special Counsel.

After the release of the Comey memos we now know they DID NOT CONTAIN ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT AN ALLEGATION OF OBSTRUCTION. In fact, as Trey Gowdy pointed out quite some time ago, they actually constituted EXHIBIT A for Trump that there wasn't any effort to obstruct the FBI investigation into Russia collusion with the Trump campaign. So, there was no legitimate basis to justify the appointment of a Special Counsel from the get-go.



The reason Rosenstein should have recused himself on this issue was that HE WROTE A SUBSTANTIVE LETTER DETAILING EXACTLY WHY COMEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED BEFORE COMEY WAS ACTUALLY FIRED! Now we also have the IG report that goes into even more detail about why Comey should have been fired as well.

Rosenstein should have recused himself because he is a potential main witness in a case against Trump for obstruction of justice for firing Comey. YOU CANNOT BE A POTENTIAL MAIN WITNESS AND ALSO BE IN CHARGE OF AN INVESTIGATION INTO A CHARGE OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Rosenstein absolutely knows this. He's known this from the very beginning. He needs to be removed from office for this and a whole host of other reasons!!




Conservative lawmakers in the House are preparing to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Politico reported Friday.

Sources told the publication that conservatives have been preparing to have Rosenstein impeached for weeks over allegations that he’s held up their investigation into FBI agents who some lawmakers say are biased against President Trump.

House Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are leading the effort, and the impeachment document could be filed as soon as Monday, according to Politico.

Ben Williamson, a spokesman for Meadows, declined to rule out if it would be filed next week, Politico reported.

The news comes the same day that Rosenstein announced charges against 12 Russian intelligence officials for allegedly hacking the Democratic National Committee.

Rosenstein has long been a target for Republicans who are frustrated over special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into election meddling by Russia and possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. He is overseeing the probe after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, and some argue that he's the only person with the legal authority to fire Mueller.

The deputy attorney general testified before the House Judiciary Committee in a tense hearing last month, with Republicans grilling him over the Mueller probe.

Speculation that Trump could fire Rosenstein increased in April after the FBI raided the home and office of Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

Trump later responded to news reports that he may fire Mueller or Rosenstein by noting that “they’re still here.”

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