Campaign Business Cards

Download these PDF files and print out a TON of our Mini Uncle Sam Poster business cards.  These files will print out perfectly on the AVERY "Clean Edge Business Cards #8871 (200 cards)  or #8870 (1000 cards).   There are two PDF files below, one for the front with Uncle Sam and the other for the back which contains a block of text putting our basic dilemma into perspective and what we MUST do about it.

Simply click on each image below to download the PDF files needed to print out on the Avery business card paper.

We will be happy to customize the front of the card with your local Fire Congress Meetup info and your name and number for you.  Just send us an email request by clicking on the email address in the upper left portion of this page, under the Contact Us heading.




Please support this project by purchasing the Avery business cards.
  Just click on the images above or the text links below.
These are the business card paper
these PDF files are set up to print out on.


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