Isn't amending the Constitution just going to be opening up a huge can of worms?

Some people like to characterize the amendment process as opening up a can of worms.  I prefer to look at is as "the amendment process" and leave out the can of worms part.  All comments like this accomplish is to make people feel helpless. 

The ability to amend the Constitution is an essential aspect of our Constitutional Republic.  As the needs of the times change, we have to able to adapt the Constitution accordingly.  No it's not a slam dunk process.  An amendment really has to pass the muster of a lot of people before it will be ratified.  It's expected that an amendment will be debated and challenged.  An amendment really has to be seen as totally necessary by 3/4 of the states.

The good news with regards to the amendment this project is proposing is that it's not a new amendment.  It's just amending an already existing amendment, the 14th Amendment in order to make it's true intent and meaning crystal clear.

The language of the 14th Amendment is ambiguous.  Because it's meaning is not clear, corporations have been able to use their wealth and power to twist the meaning in court to suit their selfish purposes. 

So, if by opening up a can of worms you mean that corporations are going to pitch a fit, then yes, they will.  But I think the vast majority of people in this country would agree that the time for letting corporations have their way with us really needs to come to a screeching halt!  

Until we clarify the meaning and intent of the 14th Amendment, they will continue to use it as the legal basis for directly interfering and lobbying our government and corrupting the election process with their vast wealth and control of the media.


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