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Winter 2018 - No. 2

Last Minute Reminder About How Important It Is
For You To Get Your Arse Out To Vote
If You Haven't Already!

Why did the KTAO Project Suddenly Become Partisan?

Some were very surprised to see the KTAO Project suddenly advocating for one party over the other in the upcoming election. Frankly, I was surprised as well.

I remember when Donald Trump came down that escalator to announce his candidacy. I had no idea what to think about it. As Trump proceeded to lay waste to "politics as usual" I became even more unclear about what the heck was going on.

The one thing I was clear about from the beginning was the fact that I LOVED Trump's absolute contempt for political correctness, his unconventional way of communicating and his sense of humor.

From the very beginning Trump disrupted the status quo in totally unprecedented ways. Trump entirely changed the political dynamics in the DC swamp so much so that he has opened up completely new ways to achieve the main goal of the KTAO Project which was and still is TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

The cherry on top has been the fact that Trump, despite overwhelming negative media coverage and ruthless opposition from Democrats, has managed to fulfill a great many of his campaign promises in just his first two years in office. Promises Made - Promises Kept!

Becoming Partisan In The Upcoming Election Is The Only Sane Thing To Do At This Point

The original KTAO Project voting strategy required voters to adopt a totally dispassionate view towards voting, to adopt a purely utilitarian approach. Nothing has changed in that regard. Voting for Republicans in this upcoming election is a purely utilitarian act. The unhinged Democratic Party leadership has made it abundantly clear they have no intention of doing anything constructive or positive for the American people should they gain a majority. They have stated in no uncertain terms the only thing they are interested in doing is destroying Trump and everyone who disagrees with them.

If the Democrats gain a majority they will turn the next two solid years into one disgusting Judge Kavanaugh smear circus after another. And they will shut down every committee investigation into the crimes of Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration including what we have learned about how the Obama administration politicized/weopanized the IRS, FBI and CIA. And let's not forget about how the Democrats care more about the needs of illegal immigrants before the needs of the American people and their relentless attacks on free speech in collusion with Big Tech to censor conservative voices.

Please watch and consider what is said in the following few short videos and vote Republican if you haven't already!

A Brit's Warning To America: "VOTE REPUBLICAN!"

The Reasons Why Voting Democrat Is Signing A Suicide Pact
With Those Wanting to Destroy the Republic"

The Democrats Have Become An Unhinged Mob!



Bruce McDonald



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